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Thank you for your interest in meeting with Congressman Mike Thompson. The Congressman receives numerous meeting and event requests each week. All requests for Washington, D.C. are handled in our Washington, D.C. office. All California requests are handled by our district offices in Napa, Vallejo and Santa Rosa.

***Please note that due to current public health concerns surrounding the Coronavirus and guidance from the Sergeant at Arms, our office is only taking virtual meetings for the time being.


To request a meeting with the Congressman in Washington, D.C., please complete our office's official scheduling form, found below.

Prior to submitting your request, you may find it helpful to review the House Legislative Calendar. The Congressman's schedule and ability to participate in a meeting or event greatly depends on this legislative calendar. Please be aware that both the legislative calendar and the Congressman's schedule can change unexpectedly.

Due to security procedures, it often takes several weeks for standard postal mail to reach our Washington, D.C. office. We highly recommend that you use the process laid out on this page in lieu of mailing your request. For additional information, please call our office at (202) 225-3311. We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our scheduling process.

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